CASINO OKBET | At the start of the 2022 Poker Masters, Jeremy Ausmus finished first in Event 1

CASINO OKBET | At the start of the 2022 Poker Masters, Jeremy Ausmus finished first in Event 1




CASINO OKBET Jeremy Ausmus : PokerGO needs a strong return after the Stairway to Millions II fiasco. The 2022 Poker Masters, a continuation of a successful tournament series, kicked off this past Wednesday, much to their relief. Longtime PokerGO Tour fan Jeremy Ausmus is at the top of the table as the first of twelve events began on Wednesday.

Master Poker Players Have a Proven Track Record

PokerGO’s Poker Masters tournament series may seem like another “built for streaming” invention, but it has real roots in the competitive poker scene. The Poker Masters series, which debuted in 2017, was one of the first event series to cater only to “High Rollers.” There were many $10,000 buy-in tournaments leading up to a $50,000 Main Event, and the tournament was successful enough to attract serious competitors despite giving the winner a Purple Jacket (designed to draw parallels to golf’s Green Jacket).

Back in 2017, when it all started, “High Roller” tournament poker’s biggest names showed up. Steffen Sontheimer, a player who had previously operated in the shadows, won the first Purple Jacket and has since become an industry mainstay. The next year, Ali Imsirovic made his presence known by claiming the Player of the Series award and jacket, and in 2019, Sam Soverel returned the jacket to the Americas.

It was predicted that the 2020 COVID epidemic would have a major influence on the poker tournament scene, but the Poker Masters was one of the few events to adapt by shifting online. Because of the switch, Alexandros Kolonias won the overall championship and will now defend it in a live event in 2021. Michael Addamo surprised everyone by coming from behind to win the Purple Jacket in the Poker Masters last year, which took place at the PokerGO Studios in Las Vegas.

Thus, PokerGO’s release coincides with the Poker Masters’ lengthy history (and five years is an eternity these days). The second installment of Stairway to Millions at The Venetian in Las Vegas was a massive humiliation for both the resort and the streaming service. Late in the calendar, two events failed to reach their promises due to low attendance, therefore organizers chose to scrap those events.

Is it possible that the 2022 Poker Masters will give the “High Roller” category its shine back?

Ausmus’s Solid Performance Puts Him Ahead

PokerGO, concerned about the appearance of vacant tables at the Stairway to Millions II, made sure that all of the participants were seated at the start of play on Wednesday. When the “shuffle up and deal” announcement was made, all six tables of seven players were ready with their $10,000 (unlimited reentries). Several of those players, including several of the final table’s participants, would use the reentry feature.

After accounting for late and repeated entrants, a total of 85 ticks were recorded, creating a prize pool of $850,000. A total of thirteen players will share the prize pool of $1,000,000, with the winner taking home an additional $204,000. In addition, they will accumulate valuable points toward the 2022 Poker Masters Purple Jacket.

Jeremy Ausmus, who was doing well in the Stairway tournaments, continued his success into the commencement of the Poker Masters. In a hand against Martin Zamani that may have ruined his run in Event #1, he gained the biggest increase to his stack. Ausmus would stake a significant chunk of his stack on a board of A-K-K-6-6, and Zamani would call despite not believing him, only to be disappointed when Ausmus showed K-3 for the boat.

From then, Ausmus would turn his stack upside-down. After eliminating Alex Foxen, Vikenty Shegal, Ben Yu, and Michael Jozoff, Ausmus took the lead thanks to a double via Philip Shing that sent him into the top five. After the dust cleared among the “High Roller” elite, Ausmus emerged victorious.

At noon (Pacific Daylight Time) on January 1, 2022, the final table of Event #1 of the 2022 Poker Masters will begin, and viewers may watch the action live on the PokerGO platform. This tournament will be followed by another $10,000 No Limit Hold’em tournament that will run for two days, the second of 12 in the Poker Masters. Can Jeremy Ausmus win the first title of the Poker Masters tournament this year? Is there any chance he keeps up his hot streak? By this time next week, it should be quite evident who will be taking the Purple Jacket off the field


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