How Buffalo Slot Machines Work and Where to Play Them via CASINO OKBET

How Buffalo Slot Machines Work and Where to Play Them via CASINO OKBET


Buffalo is without a doubt one of the most popular and played slot machines of all time, particularly the classic version that can be found in virtually every casino and gaming room in the United States.

However, Aristocrat did not release the online version of Buffalo slot machines until 2012. And it was an instant hit with both novice and veteran slot gamers.

Buffalo slot machines offer some of the best aesthetics, playability, and betting opportunities. It was one of the first slot machines to abandon the classic 243-way reel betting system in favor of the powerful Xtra Reel Power technology.

Buffalo Grand, Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Gold, and the brand-new Diamond edition are just a few of the many varieties of Buffalo slot machines that are available to play at online and land-based casinos today.

With a new appearance and feel, the slot is more popular than ever and has made the Australian gaming software provider a household name.

What distinguishes and makes Buffalo slot machines so popular? More significantly, is it worthwhile to play the slot machine?

Please read our in-depth analysis of Buffalo slot machines for all the answers and more.

Buffalo Slot Machines Continue to Push the Boundaries

How Buffalo Slot Machines Work and Where to Play Them via CASINO OKBET

Buffalo is without a doubt the most popular slot machine in the United States, and this is readily apparent. You would be astonished to find a row of Buffalo slot machines manned by delighted gamers in any Las Vegas casino.

Even in the domain of online casinos, there is intense competition for slots. In the past six or so years, it has carved out a niche for itself, surpassing other phenomenally profitable slots such as Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods, Starburst, and Wheel of Fortune in terms of player numbers and online casinos that carry it.

In land-based casinos in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States, you will have no trouble locating a Buffalo slot machine. If you are a Las Vegas enthusiast, travel to Harrah’s Hotel & Casino, and you will be stunned by the number of machines in the slot room’s center.

Review of Buffalo Slot Machine Symbols and Gameplay

At its core, Buffalo is a basic five-reel, four-row video slot machine with up to 1024 betways or ways to win.

All winning combos are paid from the far left to the far right and are multipliers of the wager per reel.

Scatter winnings are paid as a multiple of the total stake, regardless of the winning combination. The slot machine has scatter symbols, wild symbols, and additional extra elements that keep the game entertaining and profitable.

Dispersion Symbol

In the Buffalo slot game, the scatter symbol is represented by a gold Liberty dollar. When three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on the board, the Free Spins bonus round is triggered. Their compensation is as follows:

  • Five (5) of a type pays twenty times the total bet.
  • Four (4) of a kind returns ten times the entire wager.
  • Two (2) of a kind pays double the amount wagered.

Wild Symbol

Wilds in Buffalo slot games are not stacked. Wilds are represented by the Sunset symbol, which can only appear on the second, third, and fourth reels. The Sunset (Wild) symbol can substitute for all symbols save Scatters when it appears on any of these reels.

When the Wild symbol replaces other symbols on the reels, the Sunset symbol glistens or sparkles brightly before replacing them on the tiles. As so, each Wild contributes to the winning combination.

No Pay Lines!
This may be what makes Buffalo an exceptional slot game.

Buffalo slot machines, unlike most video slots, do not offer pay lines. Instead, they utilize Reel Power, the most recent invention of Aristocrat. This not only adds excitement to the game, but also fosters trust, so there is no need to worry that the slot machine game is rigged.

In lieu of activating pay lines with credit/money, you can purchase positions or tiles in the playing area, which is represented by 5 reels by 4 rows across five levels. In other words, the first four Reel Power levels allow you to purchase one to four reels commencing on the left side of the screen, as well as all positions/tiles on the third row.

In light of this, instead of wagering per line like in many slot games, you wager per reel in Buffalo. Moreover, each of the five reels is coupled with a wager multiplier.

Other Crucial Symbols

Again, the Buffalo slot machine has five conventional reels, each with four spots that offer over a thousand wagering choices. The reels can be filled with any of the thirteen available symbols, each of which has its own paytable.

The low-value symbols are the usual playing card ranks from nine to ace, namely nine, ten, jack, queen, king, and ace.

Unsurprisingly, the Ace is the most significant card symbol. It is represented by a green gemstone with a red letter A engraved on it. Three identical symbols pay 10x the stake per reel, four identical symbols pay 50x, and five identical symbols pay 100x the wager per reel.

The King is represented with a letter K in orange. Three identical symbols pay 10x the stake per reel, four identical symbols pay 50x, and five identical symbols pay 100x the wager per reel.

The Queen is represented by a yellow letter Q. Three matching symbols pay 5x the stake per reel, four matching symbols pay 20x, and five matching symbols pay 100x the wager per reel.

The Jack is symbolized by a blue letter J. Three matching symbols pay 5x the stake per reel, four matching symbols pay 20x, and five matching symbols pay 100x the wager per reel.

The Ten is represented by the red number 10. Three of a kind is for 5x the stake each reel, four of a kind is worth 10x, and five of a kind is worth 100x the gamble per reel.

The Nine is represented by a green number 9. Two of a kind awards 2x the wager per reel, three of a kind awards 5x the wager per reel, four of a kind awards 10x the wager per reel, and five of a kind awards 100x the wager per reel.

Other than the two special symbols described above (Scatters and Wilds), the remaining five symbols are animals: the Buffalo, Puma, Eagle, Elk, and Wolf.

The Buffalo (technically the American Bison) is the only stacked symbol and also the highest-paying. When two of a type appear, the payout per reel is 10 times the wager. Similarly, three of a kind is for 50x, four of a kind is worth 100x, and a full house (five of a kind) is worth 300x the wager per reel.

The Puma and the Bald Eagle are the next most lucrative symbols on the Buffalo slot machine. Three of a kind pays 50 times your wager every reel, while four of a kind and five of a kind pay 100 times and 150 times your wager per reel, respectively.

Both the Elk and the Wolf pay 20x your wager per reel for three of a kind, and pay 80x and 120x your stake per reel for four and five of a kind, respectively.

The Bonus Free Spins Game

The bonus rounds add to the excitement of playing Buffalo slot machines, making it one of the greatest slot machines in Las Vegas.

The Free Spins bonus game is activated when three or more Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the screen, including on unpurchased tiles or positions. The number of free spins you receive depends on how many Scatter symbols appear on the reels.

You will receive eight free games for three Scatters, fifteen free games for four Scatters, and a whopping twenty free games for five Scatters.

The good news is that when you are playing the bonus round with free spins, you can receive more free games. During the bonus game, you will receive five free spins if two Scatter symbols appear on the screen simultaneously.

But there’s more. The Wild symbol multiplies all free spin wins by two or three whenever it appears anywhere on the screen. This is completely at random, with the multiplier being displayed on the board.

During the bonus game, the total win per spin can be multiplied up to 27 times.

Popular Buffalo Slot Machine Variations

What we appreciate most about Aristocrat is that every Buffalo variant they produce is a smash hit. These new variations are more sturdy and provide more rewarding features than their predecessors, while preserving the best features and benefits.

The traditional Buffalo slot machines were replaced by their deluxe counterparts. It was quite identical to the original, except that the multiplier of the Buffalo symbols was chosen by the player. This advantageous game has a minor catch.

If you select a greater multiplier (the maximum was 5x), you will receive less free spins if the bonus game is triggered.

The Stampede edition followed the Deluxe edition. It came with a portrait screen, and the Buffaloes running up the screen gave it an air of novelty. This version was followed by Aristocrat’s two most popular slots, Buffalo Grand and Buffalo Gold.

The two had a larger display area, new bonus games, and novel elements such as rotating wheels. The most recent version is the Diamond edition, which is one of the most innovative and interesting editions to date.

Let’s examine each popular variation in detail.

(A) Buffalo Stampede Slot Machines
This version immediately followed the deluxe edition. From a distance, it appeared nearly identical to the original game to a novice player. For example, it incorporated all the appealing characteristics of the original slot machine, including Wilds, Scatters, and the Bonus game.

Buffalo Stampede was and still undeniably entertaining and enjoyable to play. However, it comes with a modest price: it’s not exactly inexpensive to play, with a 70-cent minimum wager every spin.

The animation of the Buffalo sign, which appears to charge directly at the screen, was perhaps the most noticeable new feature. It also waved the lasso on the screen, adding to the excitement of the slot machine.

The stampede of buffaloes likewise appeared from the bottom of the screen, running upwards. Their upward movement stretched the display, so increasing the number of rows. Consequently, you were able to win on a significantly greater number of paylines during the Buffalo stampede.

Similar to the original game, the Buffalo Stampede games allow the player to reactivate the free spins bonus round. This is because you only need two bonus symbols, including Scatters and Wilds, to reactivate the game.

(b) Buffalo Gold

Similar to its predecessor, Buffalo Gold is an All Ways slot with Scatters and Wilds. In contrast to the rather pricey Stampede and deluxe variants, you may play the Buffalo Gold slot machine for just 40 cents per spin.

In addition, the bonus game might result in enormous wins. In fact, it is not unusual for some players to win $4,000 or more during the Buffalo Gold bonus round.

In contrast to the conventional free spins bonus game offered by the traditional edition, the Buffalo Gold version features a collection bonus game. That means you can collect Gold Buffalo coins that turn symbols into jackpot symbols for the remainder of the bonus game, vastly improving your odds of winning.

To win the maximum prize, you must land all 15 golden Buffalo symbols. When this occurs, you may win one of the largest jackpots. And the greatest part is that the bets are typically adjustable, so it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

A further perk of playing the Buffalo Gold slot machine is that it has a very respectable RTP. This indicates that even if you have a little to medium bankroll, you will have plenty time to play the game.

Notably, despite the fact that Buffalo Gold is normally a bountiful slot machine, it periodically goes through streaks in which neither free spins nor decent wins are triggered. Here, your patience can pay off handsomely.

(c)Buffalo Grand Gaming Machines
The Grand is possibly the most entertaining Buffalo slot machine available. It provides a great deal of amusement, but this may not necessarily convert to good value.

Experience suggests that the Grand advantages high-stakes gamblers who wager more per spin. This is due to the fact that the jackpot can only be won by wagering the maximum amount, which is entirely different from the gameplay of Buffalo Gold and Stampede.

In conclusion, if you are a low-stakes slot player, you may anticipate lower rewards, which means you will likely deplete your bankroll much more quickly.

On a more positive note, the Grand’s graphics live up to the hype, and high-stakes players have a greater chance of scoring massive jackpots.

In a word, the Grand is not for penny slot gamers seeking to win gold. It’s for high-stakes players who want to maximize their status.

A further advantage of this version is the screen’s increased size, which allows for a greater number of paylines than the previous version. This increases your odds of landing a decent win, even if you are wagering the minimum amount. Unfortunately, this also means that your cash can be depleted in a matter of spins.

(d) Supplemental Versions

Aristocrat has published a large number of additional successful and unsuccessful editions between and after the three editions listed above.

A widely popular variant, for instance, allows the player to choose the volatility of the game. Intriguingly, variations with differing math can be found in many countries, casinos, and regions of the United States.

The Buffalo Max variant is meant for high-stakes players. It is intended to reward gamers who play more, but its intended audience does not appear to be interested. Perhaps gamblers have given it the cold shoulder because it penalizes them for wagering 40 cents instead of the maximum bet of $4.

As part of its tenth anniversary, Aristocrat has produced the Diamond edition as its most recent version. The slot machine is exactly what it appears to be, with honeycomb-like reels and a 4K display to boot.


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