Casino OKBet Roulette increases Nevada profits and Evolution expands Dual Play (2) Roulette at Genting


The municipal gambling control board disclosed that roulette profits were 58 percent more than the previous year.

OKBet Roulette increases Nevada profits

US.- The Nevada Gaming Control Board disclosed data indicating that roulette activity in Nevada casinos climbed dramatically between January and December of this year.

February saw a 58.8 percent increase in roulette revenue for Nevada casinos compared to the same month in 2016. The figures also indicate that gaming activity has been steadily expanding over the past year, with a 13 percent increase overall and $361 million collected, an 18 percent hold rate. According to the Las Vegas Sun, the senior research analyst for the board, Michael Lawton, stated that February was a terrific month for roulette due to improved hold and greater volumes. “2016 was also a successful year, with improvements in wins and volume, following three consecutive years of declining wins,” he continued.

“The state achieved a volume record in 2012 with US$21 billion in wagers, which was owing to really strong Latin America activity that has not been seen in four years,” he said. Bingo, which claimed winnings of $2 billion in the past year, was the only other form of gambling that expanded as rapidly as roulette.


The Manchester Dual Play table has been live since June 4 and will be featured in a marketing campaign for the duration of the FIFA World Cup by Genting.

UK.- Leading provider of Live Casino solutions Evolution Gaming launches another Evolution Dual Play Roulette convergence table for Genting Casinos at Genting Casino Manchester.

This latest Dual Play table debut follows the successful launch of Dual Play Roulette at Genting International Casino, Resorts World Birmingham, in September of last year. Genting stated that additional Evolution Dual Play releases for its UK casinos are forthcoming.

The table features five HD cameras mounted on a triangle setup with three screens looking outward. According to Evolution’s Director of Business Development & Land-based Sales, James Stern, this latest custom installation for Genting is intended to be “a headline attraction on the main gaming floor.” The table functions as a standard Roulette table, but the three screens broadcast the live game feed and advertise the key features of Dual Play, namely that remote players can join on-site players and play at the same table, from nearly anywhere.

“Evolution Dual Play’s ability to bring together on-premise and online players so convincingly — at the same table in a true live casino setting — has made it so popular with Genting customers,” said Stern.

“Evolution Dual Play offers our land-based and online clients the best of both worlds,” said Rob Hoddinott, Director of Gaming Product at Genting UK. “At Resorts World Birmingham, our Evolution Dual Play table provides a genuinely convergent solution that is wildly popular with both on-premise and online gamers. Players have grabbed the opportunity to play online at the table and enjoy the Genting Casino experience when unable to play in person at Resorts World.”

Hoddinott stated that the bespoke Evolution rig is a big factor in the success of Genting’s Dual Play tables: “The screens bring people over to the table and are a terrific way to promote the fact that players can continue to be part of the live game when they get home or to their hotel.”

The Roulette System

To play roulette, you’ll need a spinning disk with numbered slots that rests in a bowl. After a ball is spun around the outer rim of a bowl, it will eventually land in one of the compartments when the wheel stops spinning.

Red and black sections are numbered 1–36 around the circumference of the wheel in what appears to be a random arrangement. The addition of a zero in a green section. Due in major part to the presence of an additional green section designated “00” on American tables, American Roulette is a worse financial bet than European Roulette.

A bet is made on the outcome of a roll of the dice by placing chips on a betting mat before the dice are rolled. Despite the widespread adoption of roulette in English-speaking countries, the game’s French roots mean that the French names for the various betting options are still in common usage on conventional tables. In the United States, however, English lingo and a somewhat modified mat style are the norm.



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